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Coaching & Mentoring for Sensitive Souls
Are you ready to restore your personal and professional power?
Are you tired of chasing the next best thing and want to live life deep?
Is there a whisper inside that says… it’s your time.
We live in a world of instant gratification
As a result, most of us are walking around, barely scraping the surface of having a true, deep and meaningful experience with life. Then we wonder why we feel so crazy, exhausted, and worn out. We become easily overwhelmed at the very thought of shining our own true light. We look to other for answers and never trust in ourselves. We cope by hiding or pushing and striving until we find ourselves stressed and burning out.  Meanwhile, we try so hard not to make mistakes and to fit in because we are terrified that someone will find out our deepest fear — that we are not good enough.


You’ve never felt worthy or good enough and you’re not sure how to fix that. You have difficulty being consistent and you’d like to learn a different approach. You strive and push to get everything done leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed and would like to know how to create more time in your life. You constantly search for answers outside of yourself but what you truly desire is more confidence in yourself and a deeper trust in your own abilities.

You are in the right place if you:

  • Often heard growing up “you’re so sensitive”
  • often feel overwhelmed, overworked, confused, and ashamed
  • See what others cannot see and feel deeply what others feel
  • Have always felt different
  • Are in transition

The clients I work best with:

  • Are ready to stop living life fast and start living life deep
  • Are willing to do their best by showing up and taking small consistent daily steps
  • Understand that there is no quick fix
  • Know that true lasting change takes personal commitment and time
  • Have a deep knowing that there is more to life

I’m delighted you’re here!

I’m Brenda Fedorchuk, the founder and leader of Heart Centered Solutions for Sensitive Souls. I teach people how to reclaim their power in their personal and business life. The work that I do is to engage in a full, deep, true, and meaningful process with you. What I can tell you is, as a result of our time together, you no longer will just be scratching the surface of instant gratification but you will be truly connected with your inner guidance and with your true self and experiencing all the long lasting results that come from that:  living stress free with greater peace and ease; develop a greater self-trust and confidently own your own power

Where you really start living life deep and intentional in a way that fills you with love, joy and passion where you will no longer constantly be at the whim of outside situations and circumstances.

You will live your life from a space of inspired energy, able to show up as your confident true self, trusting fully and completely that you can be the leader of your own life, experiencing deeper more meaningful relationships, greater abundance and prosperity!

I am an Amazon #1 Published Author sharing stories of personal triumph to empower and inspire individuals to discover their own inner strength and life’s purpose.


Click on any book cover to buy from Amazon or contact me if you wish to have signed copy.



Reclaim the real YOU and tap into YOUR Personal Power
  • Leave the confusion and overwhelm behind
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Tap into what’s truly possible for your life
  • Get clear on what you truly desire for your life
Set simple yet Inspired Intention, easy Actionable Steps
  • Design Your New Life Story
  • Learn a Lifelong Skillset
  • Strengthen your confidence and trust muscles
  • Gain momentum through consistent inspired action
  • Create a harmonious relationship with time
  • Be accountable to yourself in a gentle more loving way
Your Point of Power is always Within
  • Be supported as you connect to your power within
  • Expand your awareness of the depth of your power
  • Consistently create personal mastery through daily practice
  • Learn what to do when you really fall off track


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“Awesome, awesome, and AWESOME! Did I mention that Brenda Fedorchuk is awesome?  About a year ago I was searching for something but I did not know what. By chance, Heart Centered Solutions popped up on a Google search and I was drawn to click. I am so thankful that I did because what a blessing it has been! Brenda gave me an outlet where emotions and feelings could be shared and nurtured. Our calls were a safe haven to build my confidence and when I felt stronger, she handed me the tools to continue forming my authentic self.  She has become a mentor and a friend which is such a treasured gift.  I cannot provide enough praise to this woman but I can say, from the deepest places in my heart, that whomever chooses to have Brenda guide them on their journey would be in wonderful hands!”
Yours truly, Gaileen Galuska, Saskatoon, SK
“Brenda is the most knowledgeable, organized, professional and wise woman I know.  She is so passionate about encouraging/coaching highly sensitive people and improving their lives to make this world a better place.  Over the summer of 2017, Brenda opened her backyard oasis to our highly sensitive group.  The ambience of the camp like setting created a warm, cozy environment that enabled our group to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.  We shared, cried, learned, bonded and grew under Brenda’s gentle direction/guidance.  Not only does the summer of 2017 bring special memories, but it has become my mind’s ‘happy place’.  Thank you, Brenda.” – Darlene Regina SK

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